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Tune Artist Band Key Tuning
Old Rusty Mill Melvin Wine Melvin Wine G GDAE
Old Joe's Wedding James W. Day James W. Day G GDAE
Old Joe Clark Bill Hensley Bill Hensley G GDAE
Old Granny Blair Estill Bingham Estill Bingham G GDAE
Old Folks Played And The Young People Danced Manon Campbell Manon Campbell G GDAE
Old Folks Get In Bed Oscar Ford Oscar Ford G GDAE
Old Christmas Boyd Asher Boyd Asher G GDAE
Old Buzzard Isham Monday Isham Monday G GDAE
Old Buzzard Doc Roberts Doc Roberts G GDAE
Old Bob Gusty Wallace Gusty Wallace G GDAE
Old Blind Sow, She Stole The Middlins John Summers John Summers G GDAE
Old Blind Dog Andy Palmer Jimmy Johnson String Band, Jimmy Johnsons String Band G GDAE
Old Billy Hell Estill Bingham Estill Bingham G GDAE
Old Beech Leaves Sid Hudnall Sid Hudnall G GDAE
Old Baldy Kickin' Up Owen "Snake" Chapman Owen "Snake" Chapman G GDAE
Old Aunt Jenny With Her Nightcap On Estill Bingham Estill Bingham G GDAE
Old Aunt Dinah Sammie Walker Sammie Walker G GDAE
Number Nine W.S. Collins W.S. Collins G GDAE
Nubbin Ridge Marcus Martin Marcus Martin G GDAE
North Carolina Breakdown Arthur Smith Arthur Smith G GDAE