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Tune Artist Band Key Tuning
Burt Anderson's Tune Clyde Davenport Clyde Davenport C GDAE
Captain George Has Your Money Come William T. Narmour Narmour & Smith C GDAE
Cat Tracks Owen "Snake" Chapman Owen "Snake" Chapman C GDAE
Catlettsburg Ed Haley Ed Haley C GDAE
Charleston #1 William T. Narmour Narmour & Smith C GDAE
Cherokee Polka Ed Haley Ed Haley C GDAE
Cherry River Rag Ed Haley Ed Haley C GDAE
Chickens Don't Roost Too High Leonard Keith Leonard Keith C GDAE
Chinese Rag Bill Edwards Spooney Five C GDAE
Cranberry Rock Burl Hammons Burl Hammons C GDAE
Crooked John Silas Rogers Kentucky String Ticklers C GDAE
Croquet Habits Leslie & Hendrix Freeny Freeny's Barn Dance Band C GDAE
Cumberland Blues Doc Roberts Doc Roberts C GDAE
Darker The Night The Better I See Manco Sneed Manco Sneed C GDAE
Darkie's Delight Uncle Dick Hutchison Uncle Dick Hutchison C GDAE
Denver Belle Kenny Baker Kenny Baker C GDAE
Denver Belle J.P. Fraley J.P. Fraley C GDAE
Done Gone Clayton McMichen Clayton McMichen C GDAE
Peep O'Day Thomas Jefferson "Duck" Wootan Thomas Jefferson "Duck" Wootan C GDAE
Dunbar Ed Haley Ed Haley C GDAE