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Tune Artist Band Key Tuning
We're Gonna Hunt The Buffalo Jimmy Driftwood Jimmy Driftwood Em ADFA
Wake Up Jacob And Lets Go A Hunting Lon Jordan Lon Jordan E Minor & G GDAE
Dutch Hop Lon Jordan Lon Jordan D & G GDAE
A&E Waltz Cecil Snow Cecil Snow A & E GDAE
Honolulu Cakewalk Hawk Hubbard Skirtlifters, Hawk Hubbard, Clark Buehling, Bill Mathews, Marie Wade, and David Harlan C, G & F GDAE
Old Miss Coleman Martin-Darrell Martin-Darrell G Modal GCGD
Goodnight Waltz Lon Jordan Lon Jordan C & F GDAE
Spanish Two Step Cecil Snow Cecil Snow A & D GDAE
Me And My Fiddle Cotton Combs Cotton Combs G & D GDAE
Jaw Bone John Chism Pope's Arkansas Mountaineers A Modal AEAE
Valley Forge Jimmy Driftwood Jimmy Driftwood A Modal AEAE
Hog Eye John Chism Pope's Arkansas Mountaineers A Modal AEAE
Lost Indian Violet Hensley Violet Hensley E AEAE
Going Down The River Brain Lackey Dr. Smith's Champion Hoss Hair Pullers E GDAE
Whiskers Jesse Wallace Jesse Wallace C GDAE
Sweetest Flower Waltz Ashley's Melody Men Ashley's Melody Men C GDAE
Concord March Absie Morrison Absie Morrison C GDAE
Pikes Peak Ted Sharp Ted Sharp, Hinman & Sharp C GDAE
Billy In The Low Ground Seth Mize Seth Mize C GDAE
Ten Cent Piece Ike & Ira Reaves Reaves White County Ramblers C GDAE