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Tune Artist Band Key Tuning
We're Gonna Hunt The Buffalo Jimmy Driftwood Jimmy Driftwood Em ADFA
Broken Legged Chicken Jim "Skeeter" Walden Jim "Skeeter" Walden C FCGD
Fire On The Mountain Jim "Skeeter" Walden Jim "Skeeter" Walden G FCGD
Natchez Under The Hill Jim "Skeeter" Walden Jim "Skeeter" Walden F FCGD
Mississippi Sawyer Jim "Skeeter" Walden Jim "Skeeter" Walden C GCGD
Old Miss Coleman Martin-Darrell Martin-Darrell G Modal GCGD
Soldier's Joy Jim "Skeeter" Walden Jim "Skeeter" Walden C GCGD
Fiddler's Dram Absie Morrison Absie Morrison G GDGD
Durang's Hornpipe Gene England Gene England D ADAE
Arkansas Traveler Jimmy Driftwood Jimmy Driftwood D ADAE
Cotton Eye Joe Sam Younger Sam Younger D ADAE
There's No Hell In Georgia Frank Gardner Luke Hignight's Ozark Strutters D GDAE
Rose Nell Violet Hensley Violet Hensley G GDAE
Hesitation Blues Ike & Ira Reaves Reaves White County Ramblers G GDAE
Angeline The Baker Tilman Pyeatt Tilman Pyeatt A GDAE
Old Judge Parker Jesse Wallace Jesse Wallace G GDAE
Westphalia Waltz Cotton Combs Cotton Combs G GDAE
Silver Nail Bob Larkan Bob Larkan & Family G GDAE
Tennessee Waltz Cecil Snow Cecil Snow, Cecil & John Snow D GDAE
Soldier's Joy Asburn Avey Asburn Avey D GDAE