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Tune Artist Band Key Tuning
A&E Waltz Cecil Snow Cecil Snow A & E GDAE
Aint She Sweet Bob Larkan Fiddling Bob Larkan & His Music Makers Bb GDAE
Alabama Girls Seth Mize Seth Mize G GDAE
Alabama Girls Absie Morrison Absie Morrison G GDAE
Angeline The Baker Tilman Pyeatt Tilman Pyeatt A GDAE
Arkansas Fiddler Tilman Pyeatt Tilman Pyeatt G GDAE
Arkansas Hotel George Edgin's Corn Dodgers George Edgin's Corn Dodgers D GDAE
Arkansas Pullet Ike & Ira Reaves Reaves White County Ramblers G GDAE
Arkansas Traveler Buddy Lancaster Buddy Lancaster D GDAE
Arkansas Traveler Matt Darnell Matt Darnell D GDAE
Arkansas Traveler Violet Hensley Violet Hensley D GDAE
Arkansas Traveler Lon Jordan Lon Jordan D GDAE
Arkansas Traveler Cecil Snow Cecil Snow D GDAE
Arkansas Traveler Mulkey Kent Mulkey Kent D GDAE
Arkansas Wagoneer Ike & Ira Reaves Reaves White County Ramblers C GDAE
Arkansas Waltz Bob Larkan Bob Larkan & Family D GDAE
Aunt Clara's Waltz Ted Sharp Ted Sharp, Hinman & Sharp G GDAE
Baby With Black Face And Shiny Eyes Seth Mize Seth Mize G GDAE
Back Up And Push Cotton Combs Cotton Combs C GDAE
Bailey Waltz Frank Gardner Luke Hignight's Ozark Strutters D GDAE