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Tune Artist Band Key Tuning
Old Tobacco Hill Wilse Reynolds Wilse Reynolds D GDAE
Wink The Other Eye William Virgil Garrett Hack's String Band G GDAE
Silver Strands William Stepp William Stepp G GDAE
Dolly William Stepp William Stepp G GDAE
Rebels Raid William Stepp William Stepp G GDAE
Run Boy Run William Stepp William Stepp G GDAE
Alexander Waltz Warner Walton Warner Walton G GDAE
Lost Girl Walter McNew Walter McNew C GDAE
Black Jack Grove Walter McNew Walter McNew A Modal GDAE
That's My Rabbit My Dog Caught It Walter Family Walter Family C GDAE
Bed Bug Blues W.L. Gregory W.L. Gregory C GDAE
Sand Riffle Vincent Crawford Vincent Crawford G GDAE
Going To Jail Tom Whitmer Tom Whitmer G GDAE
Bacon Rind Tex Atchison Prairie Ramblers G GDAE
Rocky Mountain Goat Ted Gossett Ted Gossett's Band D GDAE
Crooked John Silas Rogers Kentucky String Ticklers C GDAE
Old Beech Leaves Sid Hudnall Sid Hudnall G GDAE
Flannery's Dream Santford Kelly Santford Kelly A Modal GDAE
Last Of Sizemore Santford Kelly Santford Kelly D GDAE
Apple Jack Sammy Walker Sammy Walker G GDAE