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Tune Artist Band Key Tuning
Cripple Creek Canote Brothers Canote Brothers A AEAC#
Cripple Creek Bill Hensley Bill Hensley A AEAE
Cripple Creek Marcus Martin Marcus Martin A AEAE
Cripple Creek Marion Reece Marion Reece A AEAE
Cripple Creek Eugene Dodd Eugene Dodd
Cripple Creek Arkansaw Travelers Arkansaw Travelers G GDAE
Cripple Creek Burrell Reed Burrell Reed A AEAE
Cripple Creek David McLaughlin David McLaughlin A AEAE
Cripple Creek First State Bluegrass Band First State Bluegrass Band
Cripple Creek Lowe Stokes Lowe Stokes G GDAE
Cripple Creek Tommy Jarrell Tommy Jarrell D
Cripple Creek Gil Adams Corklickers D GDAE
Cripple Creek Morgan Meadow Kenny Hall, Kenny Hall, mandolin; Morgan Meadow, fiddle; Scott Long, guitar; Karen Bell, banjo G GDAE
Cripple Creek Uncle Charlie Osborne Uncle Charlie Osborne A
Cripple Creek Shady Mountain Ramblers Shady Mountain Ramblers, Tom Norman, Dale Morris, Whit Sizemore, Chester McMillian G
Cripple Creek Senate Cottrell Senate Cottrell A AEAE