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Tune Artist Band Key Tuning
Abbott's Quadrille Chirps Smith Chirps Smith Bb GDAE
Aint She Sweet Bob Larkan Fiddling Bob Larkan & His Music Makers Bb GDAE
Art Wooten's Quadrille Bob Walters Bob Walters Bb GDAE
Arthur Seat Hornpipe Rodney Miller Rodney Miller Bb GDAE
B Flat Rag Clarence Cobb Madisonville String Band Bb GDAE
Backside Of Buncombe Volo Bogtrotters Volo Bogtrotters Bb GDAE
Bamford Hornpipe George R. Pariseau George R. Pariseau Bb GDAE
Beautiful Belle Bob Larkan Fiddling Bob Larkan & His Music Makers Bb GDAE
Bee's Wing Hornpipe Frank Ferrel Frank Ferrel Bb GDAE
Betty Lou Waltz Jim Herd Jim Herd Bb GDAE
Blue Water Hornpipe Cyril Stinnett Cyril Stinnett Bb GDAE
Buffalo Chase Andy DeJarlis Andy DeJarlis Bb GDAE
Cape Blomidon Reel Carl Elliott Carl Elliott Bb GDAE
Carnival Waltz Kenny Baker Kenny Baker Bb GDAE
Casey's Hornpipe Bob Walters Bob Walters Bb GDAE
Centennial Waltz Don Messer Don Messer Bb GDAE
College Hornpipe George Hawkins George Hawkins Bb GDAE
College Hornpipe Bryant Houston Bryant Houston Bb GDAE
College Hornpipe Jasper Bisbee Jasper Bisbee Bb GDAE
College Hornpipe Roy Wooliver Roy Wooliver, Roy Wooliver, John Hartford Bb GDAE