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Tune Artist Band Key Tuning
Intro to Peter Krause Peter Krause Peter Krause
Whippoorwill Peter Krause Peter Krause
Silver Bells Peter Krause Peter Krause
Mississippi Sawyer Red Hartnett Red Hartnett
Mockingbird Red Hartnett Red Hartnett
Tarbolton Red Hartnett Red Hartnett
Soldier's Joy Red Hartnett Red Hartnett
Round The Button And Through The Horn James Ike Bryner James Ike Bryner A GDAE
Cec McEachern's Reel Jehile Kirkhuff Jehile Kirkhuff A GDAE
Angus Campbell Red Hartnett Red Hartnett A GDAE
Boxy Foxy Bill Gipe Bill Gipe D GDAE
Listen To The Mockingbird Mike Hartnett Mike Hartnett D GDAE
Mississippi Sawyer Mike Hartnett Mike Hartnett D GDAE
Too Young To Marry Mike Hartnett Mike Hartnett D GDAE
Shades Of The Yellow Rose Palmer Loux Palmer Loux F GDAE
Mountain Hornpipe Jehile Kirkhuff Jehile Kirkhuff G GDAE
Red Apple Rag Red Hartnett Red Hartnett G GDAE
Upper Lehigh Peter Krause Peter Krause G GDAE
Tennessee Waggoner Mike Hartnett Mike Hartnett C GDAE
Golden Tresses Jig Jehile Kirkhuff Jehile Kirkhuff C GDAE