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Tune Artist Band Key Tuning
Washington's March Tom Dillon Tom Dillon D DDAD
Well Into The Double Digits Mark Simos Mark Simos, Mark Simos & Friends D DDAD
Wounded Hoosier Marcus Martin Marcus Martin D DDAD
Yell In The Shoats Garry Harrison Indian Creek Delta Boys D DDAD
Zollie's Retreat Clyde Davenport Clyde Davenport D DDAD
Banks Of The Arkansas Bruce Greene Bruce Greene G GDAD
Boatin' Up Sandy Melvin Wine Melvin Wine G GDAD
Jenny Nettles Canote Brothers Canote Brothers A AEAC#
Laurel Lonesome Bruce Greene Bruce Greene, Bruce Greene & Don Pedi A AEAC#
Lonesome Polly Ann Lonnie Robertson Lonnie Robertson A AEAC#
Lost Child Charles Stripling Stripling Brothers A AEAC#
Lost Indian Mose Coffman Mose Coffman A AEAC#
Obama's March to the White House Canote Brothers Canote Brothers A AEAC#
Old Bell Cow Benny Thomasson Benny Thomasson A AEAC#
Old Blue Bonnet Bruce Greene Bruce Greene A AEAC#
Old Charlie Deckard Bob Holt Bob Holt A AEAC#
Old Man And Woman Quarrelling Sam McCracken Sam McCracken A AEAC#
Old Man Gone Greg Canote Canote Brothers A AEAC#
Peggy Evens Bruce Greene Bruce Greene A AEAC#
Pickin Devils Eye Enos Canoy Enos Canoy A AEAC#